Who are we?

About Us 

Southside Guitars is a literally a shop full of guitars, which is somewhat eccentrically curated by Vince, its founder and owner, who is now joined by Amy, Sinead and Laura!

Southside Guitars was established in 2013, and was formerly called Southside Secondhand, back when Vince in his naivety thought that general second-hand goods was going to be his calling. My, how things have changed...

The shop is home to many unusual guitars and basses in many brands (plenty you may never have heard of before) from all over the world and if you are in the market something different they may something that fits the bill or might know where to find one.

Mission Statement​ 

We aim to assist our customers in understanding and choosing the right instruments and equipment.

We provide a safe and inclusive environment where questions and enquiry are encouraged; the only way to learn is by asking questions. Nobody should be discouraged from learning.