Behringer EQ700 Graphic Equalizer

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The Behringer EQ700 is a compact 7-band graphic EQ effects pedal, perfect for getting that perfect tuning every time. Easy to use with up to 15dB of adjustment and includes a level control.

With 15 dB of available boost or cut per band, the EQ700’s seven frequency bands were carefully optimized to provide the ultimate tools for EQ’ing your guitar. Of course, to make full use of the EQ700’s capabilities, it helps to first understand some basics about the frequency range of your axe. The EQ700 covers the audio spectrum from below 100 Hz to over 6.4 kHz, allowing you to effectively cut or boost a slew of frequencies to help bring focus to your sound. Special attention has been paid to the critical midrange frequencies, which can easily make or break your tone. The following section offers tips that will have you sculpting the perfect guitar sound in no time at all.