Boss Auto Wah AW-2 Pedal

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The Boss AW-2 pedal has four-control knobs; rate, depth, manual and Sens that deliver a wide variety of regular and modulated Wah effects. The string picking strength of this Boss Auto-Wah pedal is controlled by the dynamics sensitive picking Wah. This Boss guitar pedal also has a powerful Wah wherein the picking and modulation Wah can be combined simultaneously. When in the low frequency range, the manual control knob of this Boss Auto-Wah pedal can be used to add a funky touch to the modulation Wah. The modulation Wah occurs during the decay of the sound by adjusting the Sens control knob of the Boss AW-2 pedal. The Sens control knob of this Boss guitar pedal can also be adjusted to match your guitar gain levels.

Condition: Second-hand