Disaster Area Designs DMC-3T MIDI Foot Controller

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Disaster Area Designs DMC-3T MIDI Foot Controller w/Tap Output For Timeline/Mobius

 The new DMC-3T is a compact MIDI controller with an advanced tap tempo output connector. The DMC-3T connects to your Strymon, Eventide, Line 6, or other MIDI-capable device with a single standard MIDI cable and requires very little configuration or setup. In most cases, the DMC-3T can completely control your device with MIDI only.

The DMC-3T is designed as an easy-to-use and compact controller for a single MIDI device only. If you require more comprehensive control or to control more than one MIDI device, our DMC-3XL Gen2, DMC-4 Gen2, DMC-6D, and DMC-8D would be excellent choices. The DMC-3T even includes a 3ft. / 1m economy MIDI cable. All you need is a free power outlet on your pedalboard, and the DMC-3T can even share power with most other devices. Its low 24mA current draw means it can get along just about anywhere.

Strymon Timeline / Mobius Version Features:

  • Sturdy cast aluminum enclosure
  • Blue Mode: Choose between Bank or Preset scrolling. Hold left or right buttons in Bank mode to select A or B presets.
  • Tap Tempo: Sends taps over MIDI plus taps to your non-MIDI device.
  • Green Mode: Choose between 3-button Looper controls (record / play / stop) or 6-button Looper controls (automatically enters Timeline Looper mode, half speed / reverse / undo.) 3-button Looper Mode can control the Timeline Looper without entering the looper control mode on the Timeline itself.

Condition: second-hand