Dunlop J222 Brass Slide 60mm - Ring Size 9

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Brass slides are perfect for creating the bright, metallic tones preferred by rock, metal and blues style electric guitarists. Chosen for years for its bright resonant tone and comfortable weight and maximum versatility. While sliding, they add a desirable ambience to slide playing. Acoustic guitarists also favour them to add unmistakable slide ambience to their tone.

The Dunlop J222 Medium Brass Guitar slide delivers a clean, bright, cutting tone with great sustain.

Slide dimensions:


Wall thickness-1.5mm

Length - 60mm

fits ring size 9.

 When playing slide guitar, the string is not pushed down on the fret. The slide lightly pushes the string directly over the desired guitar fret (as opposed to playing next to the fret with your finger).

 Which finger??- You first need to decide which finger will hold the slide. Choose from the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th finger. The decision will be based on two factors: which finger feels most comfortable and the need to use the other free fingers for fretting notes.

2nd finger muting- Most of the time the 2nd finger should lay flat behind the slide. This will provide muting of unwanted guitar strings.