Goldo Les Trem TLT2C Chrome, Flat arm

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VIBRATO Goldo "LES TREM" TLT2C Flat Arm "Classic"
replace StopTail for Guitars with StopTailpiece : LP, ES, SG etc. Chrome Finish

Goldo Tremolo guarantees the least amount of friction and maintaining the highest tolerances for your guitar. With our specially designed tailpiece and tremolo arm, your Doozy will stay in-tune and give you the sweetest tone with the fully adjustable tremolo arm.

Goldo Les Trem Chrome is a simplest version of TM85C, vibrato system for guitars with stop tail piece. Mounting to the stop tailpieces insert, no drilling or milling required, simply screw in the two existing threaded sleeves, new version with round handle for optimum handling, included 4 mounting screws 2 x metric 2 x inch, chrome finish.