Gotoh 35G450 Series Classical Tuning Machine in Nickel finish (3+3)

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Take control. And do it with the Gotoh 35G450 Classical Tuners. There's nothing worse than having an instrument that won't hold its tune. However, that may be because you've got old, worn-out machine heads. So Gotoh are here to combat that and provide you with renowned quality. Performance after performance.


Affordable. Classic. Regal. And designed with a traditional classical guitar edge, these Gotoh 35G450's are certain to add aesthetic class to your instrument. They're also perfect for almost any classical guitar. Plus, with a 14:1 tuning ratio, you can play intense techniques and strum with passion without falling out of tune while keeping you pitch-perfect for longer. It's about time you play with precision and undeniable Gotoh quality