Jackson Ps2 Performer

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Jackson Ps2 Performer in Metallic Green 

PS2 is one of seven models in the current lineup of the Performer series. This line of affordable guitars is envisioned by Jackson management as the guitar number two. After the player outgrows his first guitar, which should be the beginner-level instrument, Performer models kick in with more options, more quality and better tone. PS2 is a Soloist-shaped guitar with a solid, double-cut body made of alder. It is one of few models made of alder, as poplar is the series standard. Trans Red is featured as the only color option for this model. Licensed Floyd Rose bridge is featured on top of the body. Jackson pickups are installed in H/S/S configuration. Bolt-on maple neck is topped with a standard 24-fret rosewood fingerboard.

Condition: second-hand