Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeller

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There’s a reason guitarists love classic stompbox guitar effects—they sound amazing and they’re easy to use. The Line 6 M5 Guitar Stompbox Modeler gives you a library of over 100 classic stompboxes, including rare and eclectic studio effects, premium Line 6 originals, and more. Dial in distinctive distortions, velvety reverbs, transcendent delays, lush choruses and other stunning guitar effects in seconds. You get the soul and feel of classic stompboxes—without the need for a roadcase full of pedals. The Line 6 M5 is a single stompbox that’s an ideal addition to your pedalboard—save up to 24 customized effects as presets and dial them up on the fly.

Forget complicated menus—the Line 6 M5 features stompbox-style knobs so you can quickly edit your guitar tones on the fly. And just like classic stompboxes, your settings will remain after you power down. Choose from amazing presets or create your own unique blends. All three models integrate seamlessly with your existing gear, so you can take your sound even further.

With the Line 6 M5, you’ll always be ready for the next gig. Bent metal chassis and rugged footswitches mean the M5 can withstand some serious punishment on stage. Make sure you’re always sounding great with a built-in tuner. Get the connections you need with MIDI in and out and a pair of 1/4-inch mono/stereo inputs and outputs with true analog bypass. Connect an EX-1 expression pedal and take advanced control of modulation and delay effects.

At Riffs & Licks Music, we think the Line 6 M5 Guitar Stompbox Modeler is a great choice for anyone looking to pickup 100+ quality effects at an affordable price.


100+ effects models, one at a time
1 FX units
1 models per effects unit
1 simultaneous effect
Universal tap tempo
1 display
Built-in tuner
1x Expression, Pedal Input, Mono/Stereo Inputs, Mono Stereo Outputs
Midi in/out

True analog bypass/DSP bypass

condition: secondhand