Music Nomad MN105 Fretboard Oil Cleaner & Conditioner - 60ml

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MN105 Fretboard Oil Cleaner & Conditioner - 60ml
Ideal and safe for rosewood, ebony and maple fretboards, F-ONE oil is recommended by top repairers and luthiers around the world. Clean, condition and protect your fingerboard. 100% free of any lemon oil extracts, waxes, petroleum, silicone, and water.

F-ONE gives wood its life back. F-ONE is formulated using a complex mixture of the finest ultra refined tree and seed oils to clean, condition & protect your unfinished fretboard/fingerboard. 100% free of any lemon oil extracts, waxes, petroleum distillates, silicone, and water. F-ONE leaves your fretboard looking new, playing great and feeling smooth, never sticky or tacky. The revolutionary formula penetrates & conditions the wood to dry fast and give it a new look for months. It uses 100% naturally produced oils and is safe on all unfinished wood types including rosewood, ebony, and maple fretboards.

Music Nomad
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  • Cleans & Conditions & Protects
  • Works Amazing on all Unfinished Fretboards: Rosewoood, Eboney, Maple & More
  • 100% Natural Oils
  • Lemon Oil Free
  • Petroleum & Wax Free
  • Special Designed No Mess Applicator
  • Dries Fast
  • Smells Great