NUX Core Stompbox Series Loop Core Effects Pedal

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NUX LOOP CORE Effects Pedal
A turbo-charged version of the original, and now, the most versatile Looper pedal available! Featuring 40 built-in drum patterns and 99 Personal-User memories and now, a whole new array of carefully thought-out user assists. 
Feature Driven
This Loop Core pedal has 40 built-in drum patterns and 99 Personal-User memories. Auto-Start mode waits until you hit the guitar to record. Record and overdub as many layers as you need, and create an impressive performance with a variety of Start-modes and Finish-modes. The pedal also includes on-board drum patterns with the aforementioned tap tempo feature that allows you to manually tap the desired tempo of the loop audio without affecting the key. As well, you can switch phrases without latency, using an extension pedal (optional) for more control. The Loop Core boasts the ability to record up to 6 hours of mono or stereo audio, which is way more than enough for live use, and quite enough for amassing a large database of recorded loops. To store the recorded mix, the user is given a set of 99 memory slots. 
Loop Laying
Laying down a loop without a metronome or drum pattern is easy, you can add a drum pattern after you finish your loop and Loop Core automatically processes your tempo to seamlessly add a drum pattern. When you finish your performance you have 3 modes:
1. Double-Tap the foot-switch and Loop Core will stop jamming instantly in Normal mode.
2. Loop Core will play until the end of measurement in Finish Mode.
3. 10-second fade-out in Fade Out mode.
  • 6 hours recording time
  • Mono and stereo recording
  • 99 memory locations
  • Built-in drum patterns with TAP tempo
  • Playback speed can be changed
  • Latency free switching of loops
  • Footswitch
  • Data import via computer (drag and drop)
  • True bypass
  • Operating with 9 V battery or power supply possible (power adapter and battery are not included)
  • Type Loop Pedals
  • Series NU-X Core Stompbox Series
  • Display LED
  • Power 9V DC Negative Tip / 9V Battery
  • Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
  • A/D Converter 20bit
  • Sampling Rate 44.1K
  • Signal Processing 16bit
  • Dimensions 122(L) x 64(W) x 48(H) mm
  • Weight 265g