Taylor SB-1 Solid Body

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The Taylor Solid Body electric guitars were amazing. They never quite got popular and were discontinued. However, Taylor found a way to blend the tones of a strat and a les paul, and in this edition - Taylor SB 1, they delivered. 

- Light mahogany body with maple top (lightly chambered)
- Hard rock maple neck with indian rosewood fretboard
- Mini Humbuckers- a 3/4 size humbucker that's clear, punchy and dripping with tone. They'll do any style. They deliver wonderful strat and les paul sounds!
- The bridge is awesome, stable, and designed by Taylor entirely. All Aluminum, and solves the intonation drift inherent in other bridges. The bridge height can be adjusted front-to-back and side-to-side...it even locks down inside the body (very easy to access) and once locked down, you can take the strings off without the saddles moving, maintaining precise intonation.
- The neck pocket is perfectly machined. It's a single bolt and plays like a neck-thru guitar.
-PICKUPS COMBOS via the selector switch
1) position 1 = full neck
2) position 2 = inside coils of the neck and bridge pickups in parallel (skinny, funky neck tone)
3) position 3= full neck pickup with the inside coil of the bridge pickup (adds fatness and drives the amp a little harder for extra crunch)
4) position 4= Inside coil of each pickup in series creating the effect of a super-wide humbucker and producing a truly unique tone.
5) position 56= full bridge pickup
- volume and tone knob - the tone knob acts like a like a wah-pedal! It's a traditional tone knob for the first two thirds, but in the last third, especially all the way the end starts peaking the mids, yielding a killer nasal tone that resembles Clapton's "Woman Tone" from Cream on the SG!