Tone Monk Dharma Compressor

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With the Dharma Compressor you have the ability to control your signals tonal properties to deliver a unique, studio quality effect that has yet to be seen in a compact guitar pedal. Dharma is an IC based, non optical compressor that does not alter your phase and remains very quiet. You can dial in the ratio of compression you desire through the Nature and Output controls, and fine tune bias voltage with an internal trimmer to have even more control.

Along with this great new design, we listened to YOUR requests. Dharma is encased in a 125-B enclosure with top mounted power and signal jacks to ensure the ease of placement on your pedal board.

Each Dharma Compressor is 100% hand made in Chester County Pennsylvania, One by one, no wave soldered boards or cutting corners. All Tone Monk products are backed with a Lifetime Warranty!

Build features:

  • A combination of silver, lead free and rosin core solders.
  • No PC mounted potentiometers, switches or jacks.
  • 22 gauge silver, copper,tin wiring for minimal resistance and proper conductivity.
  • WIMA, Panasonic, and Xicon (electrolytic) capacitors. All tested.
  • Properly matched diodes.
  • CLIFF True Bypass Switches (OPTIONAL BYPASS)
  • Switchcraft Jacks.
  • Laser etched faceplate.
  • Powdercoated enclosures.

Condition: second-hand