Yamaha RS320 Revstar

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The Revstar range of guitars takes inspiration from Café-Racer motorcycles of the London scene in the '60s. The stylish outline, specially-chosen colour combinations, and elegantly understated design features create a guitar with the visual appeal of a classic instrument, yet with a modern edge that will really stand out on stage. The double cutaway design, minimalist headstock, and distinct scratch-plate come together to create a guitar with a quiet-confidence and mature aesthetic that wouldn't look out of place with classic guitars from 50 years ago.

Courtesy of its body contours, the Revstar RS320 is super-comfortable to play. A tummy-cut and deep forearm contour means you'll be able to play long into the night without any discomfort, whether sitting or standing. The set-neck design with unique neck joint also creates a smooth playing-feel when you're reaching the top frets for those high-range solo moments. The RS320's neck has a thoroughly modern playing feel to enable easy soloing and rhythm work. The rosewood fingerboard and 22 medium frets create smooth playability. The fingerboard has a very modern 13-3/4'' radius which is only slightly rounded to enable easy string bends and excellent balance across the strings.

The RS320's body and neck are crafted from nato/mahogany for a warm and resonant sound with great sustain. This tonewood is often chosen for classic rock and blues guitars due to its warmth and mid-focus, yet it performs equally well in blues, country, jazz, and many more styles. The Revstar RS320 is mounted with two HH3 humbucker pickups, which perfectly complement the Revstar's tonewoods. These units have ceramic magnets with great power and a mid-focussed sound that will cut through any mix. They really bring out the warmth of the nato/mahogany body and can help you create biting bridge-position tones, mellow neck-position sounds, and the snappy combined-pickup sound. This combination is ideal for multiple genres of music and will let you explore many different sounds.

At Riffs & Licks Music, we think the Yamaha REVSTAR RS320 Electric Guitar, finished in Vintage White, is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and highly playable electric guitar, at an affordable price.